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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's all about Cosmos Computing

Clouds are too small for what is possible in the new computing paradigm.

Clouds are more than a Visio object or a piece of Powerpoint Clip Art.

Cloud up until now has been about defining what we know based on old models that are known. Grid, Utility, etc. Where we are going and what we are doing is larger than that - it is at the Cosmos level.

We can define the components but not the end state. We don't know what we
don't know but we understand that this is bigger than the sum of its known parts.

Clouds work because the Cosmos works

The Cosmos players are bringing the open structures, protocols, and relationships together that allow the components of Cloud computing to work.

Cloud computing has many interpretations, the Cosmos doesn't. It is. It works. It has worked for years and is now evolving. Again.

The Cosmos is elastic, resilient, interconnected, open, limitless, expanding, and alive.

The Cosmos binds the defined and undefined together into a system that is bigger than all of us, comprehensible in its existence, but not in its nature.

We Nephologists have much to learn about its nature...

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  1. 'Cosmos Computing' is an awkward and ungrammatical construction ('Cosmic Computing' would be the correct form).

    I believe the word you're looking for is 'ubiquitous'.


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