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Friday, October 31, 2008

Virtualization for DR and Business Continuity

I had a great lunch yesterday at Gritty McDuff's in Freeport with Chris Harney, the guy who pulls together the New England VMUG Meetings in addition to his day job. I love the kind of lunches when you get to share ideas and data and come up with some interesting, pertinent, and consumable solutions. Eurekaware if you will.

So my latest piece of Eurekaware came out of yesterday's discussion in which Chris was telling me about the VMWare Site Recovery Manager (SRM). What I got out of the discussion given my slant towards managed services and data center operations was that VMWare has a slick solution that is also cost effective, for deploying a live-live application scenario. Think two environments, same hardware footprint.

So what is the Eurekaware? It is a geographically diverse mission critical live-live application deployment. Mirrored, true live-live applications that fail over instantaneously over a superb fiber backed peering fabric for low latency and multipath redundancy. With the power and cooling to handle the hottest of infrastructure.

Dude. Seriously.