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Friday, March 13, 2009

Cloud Computing is Dead - Long Live Cloud Computing!

I have been on my share of webcasts and seen over 100 presentations about clouds.

You know what they all start with – a definition of what cloud is.


Is it that confusing? Is it that unclear?

Why is it so confusing and so unclear?

By rehashing and refining a definition, do we hope to somehow impart some clarity to the emerging space?

Cloud computing is unclear. Cloud computing is emerging.

Cloud computing is a paradigm shift and the approach thus far has been to address it like it was not a paradigm or business model shift. The ‘let’s put the Ferrari Red paint on the Apple Cart and call it a Ferrari’ approach.

Why is it a paradigm shift?

Cloud computing is a paradigm shift because there are cosmic forces at work ripping apart, re-forming, and creating new things out of what is and what was every day.

Cloud computing – in my opinion and in its nature - does three major things:

1. Centralizes availability computing resources and components into ‘galaxies’
2. Distributes the galaxies into a collective pool of computing (universe)
3. That universe expands and morphs creating and destroying galaxies

There is the confusion because the definition does not fit the description.

If I am a hardware vendor – I have been in the business of selling hardware. Is hardware the end all be all of computing – no! I need software, networking, and other pieces to make it part of the universe.

If I am a software vendor – I sell the software that provides the ability for me to do something on the hardware, and in conjunction with the network, other software and other pieces in the universe.

If I am a network company – I may build and make hardware AND software, but unless it is connected to other pieces then I am not part of the universe.

So what is cloud computing?

I believe it is not Cloud Computing but ‘Cosmos’ computing.

I really can’t define it in and of itself, but can metaphorically in that it is the equivalent of our Cosmos - universe(s) – much is known, exploration is happening every moment of everyday, and the forces that govern the universe(s) – known and unknown – are at work keeping things in some sort of balance allowing it to work.

I will keep on ruminating on the definition as it goes way above cloud in my opinion...

1 comment:

  1. No so long ago cloud computing was just utility computing.
    This is a term which is much easier to CFO's to understand.

    The problems is that represents the elasticity of the idea but not the access anywhere nature.
    Or maybe it does ?


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