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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tech Target and Burton Group in Dallas

I am at the Advanced Virtualization seminar in Dallas being hosted by TechTarget and the Burton Group. The first half hour worth of presentation has been covering the decision points for what you use from the hardware up. The bottom line is performance and the filters that you will run your performance requirements through are hardware configs – memory, disk speeds, I/O.

Pick a platform, understand why and make sure it dovetails to current hardware strategy. If it’s a CPU intensive app - Limit number of virtual CPUs to <= physical cores. Benchmarks are 4:1 overcommit.


Akorri and Vkernel were mentioned and highlighted in the presentation. I asked the interesting question:

How much information is captured and reported in a chargeback report? In other words does the report capture chargeback information that includes power costs to support the virtual environment or is it just focused on the plug into the app and hardware?


No one has factored this into chargeback. This is VERY interesting to me, and here is why:

IT can tell Finance (and CIOs are reporting to CFOs more and more) what the computing costs are for application and virtual resource usage, yet the lowest common denominator (power) is left out of the equation, yet is a significant and crucial piece of the equation. So there may be an incredibly inefficient computing environment running that YOU or your department is paying for. If it’s YOUR money, don’t you want to make sure it’s being spent wisely and that your efficiency is being rewarded in what you are charged?

More later…

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