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Friday, November 21, 2008


A friend of mine turned me onto this company this week and I finally had some time to poke around the site. I had to smile when I saw what the solution does, because anyone who has ever worked in support (internal or customer facing) will understand the value.

There was a comment that was posted back on my musings about Vkernel which was 'They (Vkernel) don't do anything that a good Sys Admin can't do'. To which I say, then why are providing value to CIO's for a lot less money than a 'good Sys Admin'?

Same goes for AutoVirt. Their focus is on data migration and making sure that as data is migrated - the stuff that usually gets broken - re-naming, repointing, remebering what you did in what order, all the stuff that a 'good Sys Admin' can absolutely do - that the migrated data and the breadcrumb trail and detour signs stay intact, so your users don't inflict more pain on your 'good Sys Admins'.

BTW, I was *not* a 'good Sys Admin' because I was lazy and not detail oriented enough to write everything I did down someplace, nor did I have the memory that would help me remember what I did in the right order. That's why I see the value in the AutoVirt's and Vkernel's of the world - they do the stuff that I am too lazy to do and will help me keep my job in spite of myself.

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