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Friday, July 11, 2008

Vyatta - geek for 'Wow this is cool'

So I have been playing around with the Vyatta solution for a few days and here are my observations:

1. Their support was awesome even for me who downloaded the free 'kick the tires' version. I was pretty embarrased as well since I had imaged a CD, forgot I did it (because I was on a conference call and replying to email when I initiated the whole process), and thought I had blown away my OS on my home machine. I just had to eject the CD. and drink more coffee. and take more Ginko Biloba to improve memory.

2. It works as advertised. Since it's based on Debian even my marginal skillsets (rusty too) were able to navigate around the product. The install took maybe 10 minutes and I was navigating directories and playing with configs in 12.

3. My only request would be a nice UI so guys like me with rusty memories and skillsets can point and click.

So in short - nothing bad to say. In fact I have been out touting it to my friends in the business world because I do think it's worth a look and if I can do it, antone who knows that there is no 'Any' key on a keyboard should do just fine. If not the support is great.

mark @ virtualizationstuff dot com

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