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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Vyatta - Check it out

So I am just back from the Catalyst conference in San Diego and digging out from a week away, catching up on the stuff I care about, and a buddy of mine clls me and says that I am one of his references and that I should expect a call. Ok. No problemo.

My day ends, and I jump in my wetsuit and hit the beach for some Boogey boarding at high tide. Killer waves, tons of fun, voicemail. It's Greg from Vyatta. I dry off and return his call.

I do the reference conveying that he is crazy to not hire my former colleague - he is the best networking guy I have met in 15 years in the IT business hands down. Then I ask the question - so what does Vyatta do?

Well Vyatta makes an open source (Linux based) virtual router. It has firewall capabilities and very few achilles heels that I could uncover immediately. Long story short, on my home machine I am downloading it to play around with it because I haven't been this excited about a piece of technology in some time.

Hopefully this will be the 'blind date' that surpasses expectations. Ok it's done. I am off to go find out how much I have forgotten about networks... Stay tuned.

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