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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

VMWare shakeup - so?

There has been a bunch of handwaving out there and Chicken little sky is falling for VM commentary and I don't get it. It's like those 1-20-09 stickers letting me know that it is Bush's last day.

What happens on 1-21-09? Do I get my home heating oil bill paid? Do I win the lottery? No!!! It's Wednesday - trash day. I will bring out the trash and freeze while doing it. And I will still be saying, its Congress people. Give those schmucks their walking papers. They make laws, the president either signs them or Vetoes them.

So the VMWare management team gets shaken up. So? Did you get your VMWare 50% off ESX coupon in your cereal box this morning? I didn't. What I did get was a sense that the company is entering a new phase of it's development and the board wants a different skillset and mindset driving the boat for a while.

If anyone knows of any ex-employee blogs out there, post the URL. That's where we'll see how it effects the people that built the company and maybe what to expect. In the short term, we can all watch the politics from afar and be glad it's not us, or continmue to armchair quarterback a company vs. start one on our own.

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