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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pretty sweet little piece of technology...

This morning in between calls to launch a new company I had the pleasure of checking out a new technology that is actually useful (at least to me) in the data center.


Never heard of it? Me either, but a former colleague who knows I have been in the data center business a while says I should check it out. So I do.

After 10 minutes I wished I had a 50,000 cabinet data center to plug it into. Seriously. So what is so great about it?

First off it'll auto discover physical and virtual machines and where they are. Then it tells you utilization of the physical server. Then (drum roll please) it tells you the POWER DRAW of the machine and the VM's on it. So what?

For the data center operator:

- It lets you see where the power hogs are
- It lets you see where hot spots are or will come from
- It lets you insure that a customer (in an MTF - Multi-Tenant Facility) isn't in violation of a license agreement
- It will let you know when someone is close to their upper limit and put a call in before breakers trip
- If you want to consolidate a computer room it will let you know EXACTLY what you have running, what's tapped out, what isn't, and what the power needs to be in the new facility
- It lets you locate unused resources quickly and flag power hogs you may not know about

For STF (Single Tenant Facilities) or for customers in MTF's:

- It lets you see what is actually being used for power and whether or not charges are accurate
- It lets you plan deployments and consolidations so you know what is provisioned by facility, rack, or machine.

All in all very similar to Power Assure's product and probably worth a bake off...

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