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Friday, May 14, 2010

Change of Heart Gartner? Confusion?

I picked a bone with Lydia Leong at Gartner over a post she had in her blog essentially saying there wasn't a space issue in the data center markets. Today I see that Ramesh Kumar at Gartner says the EXACT OPPOSITE that power, space, and cooling are scarce.

I should also point out that yours truly made the very point that Ramesh did on Lydia's blog over a week ago. What changed?

So it got me wondering - is there just a ton of confusion over at Gartner about the data center market? How they cover it? It translates to me as a customer - you lost some credibility on this guys, please get it straight, you're supposed to the best...

Did Gartner do their homework after the first blog post on the state of inventory in data center markets and came to realize they really were tight?

Do they really understand what is out there, the differences, the nuances, the real deal in data centers from the systems perspective?

From density perspective? From the virtualization perspective?

I do. I will keep on sharing what I know to those who to understand what is and isn't out there for choices and arm you with knowledge to help make the best decisions.

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