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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More on ROI at the desktop

I was speaking with a buddy at a Fortune 10 and they are going through the usual hand wringing about virtualizing desktops and asked me to help on coming up with defensible models for their finance team. Here were some of the things we looked at and I wanted to share them...

Agents - there are 12 agents on every desktop which means 12 additional pieces of technology and associated infrastructure components to purchase, deploy, and manage. Average savings was $580 per desktop on agents alone year one/per new build.

Patching - with our process the patching occurs on boot in as close to real time as possible. An average of 15 minutes per desktop/laptop * (enter device count here)/4 = hours per device per month.

Backup - Increasing storage is spend, but it is more than offset by forensic investigations ($5,000 per request/investigation, plus retainer) and calls to support. Google or Microsoft search is free so when the device is reset on boot up the search is available and the cost is then borne by the user, reducing calls to support 30%

Hardware - Life expectancy for a thin client linux on a non-beefy machine doubles its useful life and allows for further depreciation and flexibility when accounting for costs of assets. Ace up the sleeve for finance.

All in average savings was $1100 per desktop with better support, easier and more efficient management, and more control.

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  1. For the last 2 days, I have been looking in trade journals, google, and tech blogs for a strong ROI to move to desktop virtualization. Whenever I read an example, the ROI is always vague. So far the only example I have seen is a deal HP and VMware did with Collier County, FL but again only soft ROI are revealed. so far I see it makes sense from a management and security.


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