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Monday, July 26, 2010

New Use for Data Centers...

I got the idea from watching the marijuana dispensaries start to pop up across the country and given my line of work in the data center business I had an 'A-Ha' moment.

Grow pot in old data centers

There is adequate power
Raised floors could support water lines for irrigation
The temp and humidity are already controlled so the infrsastructure is there
The facilities are secure
The biggest expense would probably be putting in the right kind of lights

Maybe someone already of this and I am half as smart as they are. Either that or I just figured out a way to make use of the Federal Consolidation of Data Centers without having big empty facilities mothballed.

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  1. Working at a lawfirm that experienced a huge consolidation of going from 6 racks to 3, I thought a great (and legal) way to take advantage of the unused space would be to transform the non-used server racks into wine racks. The temp is perfect, just needed to provide some walls to keep the light out. Then, rent the wine racks to attorneys. Only thing I couldn't figure out was after-hours access, since the data center was not staffed 24/7 and granting attorneys access to the server room and wine bottles simultaneously did not sound so great.


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