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Monday, January 18, 2010

A Hit and a Miss - with Verari I mean...

Like few of my blogging colleagues I admit when I missed something. It's humbling, won't kill me and it's the truth - I missed on my prediction that Dell, HP and IBM would submit a bid for Verari. From what I understand they didn't. Whoops.

What I also understand however is that Dave Driggers did put in a bid for the company and will in fact be standing it back up.

So the container world has corrected itself. At least for this week. I am looking forward to learning more about HP's servers that will go in the containers later this week - I understand they have some cool stuff in the works. In fact HP almost always does - and I don't mean in a sparkly new 'het that's cool this week' way.

I will keep you posted, and let you know if I missed with HP's coolness too.

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