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Monday, July 6, 2009

Virtualization = Data Center Efficiency? Not so fast...

There is still a fair amount of buzz out there regarding Virtualization and its contribution to efficiency and greening of a data center. There seems to be so much buzz (aka noise) that one could think - Wow if I virtualize, I get better PUE's, and I am green too! Awesome!

Well, kinda...

When you get rolling on the Virtualization bandwagon, a few things start to happen:

1. Your footprint shrinks, freeing up space and cabinets
2. You now have something cool and useful to figure out
3. You can maximize densities of servers/cores like never before
4. You can actually deploy a DR environment without doubling size and physical deployment

There are a few other things that you'll realize too:

1. Your power draw almost doubles - cha ching!
2. Many data center companies don't like the high density cabinets
3. You still have to patch VM's - smaller footprint doesn't mean less work
4. Unless your power is green, then you haven't done much to put a dent in the coal fired electricity plant you get electricity from.
5. If you draw less power, you generate less heat, and the data center is LESS efficient in this state

Be aware, be knowledgable. Virtualize, but make sure you set correct expectations because while those of us in technology understand the benefits of Virtualizing, the CFO looking at an electric bill that doubled may take some extra time to get it...

1 comment:

  1. Power draw doubles?

    Less heat equals lower efficiency?

    Perhaps you could elaborate on these two statements. They don't seem to jive with the bulk of published material on these subjects. Thanks!


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