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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Follow up post from the Press Release about Calista acquisition

Bob Muglia from the Server tools comments on the move to Virtualization (below).

I will pick this apart as I see it:

Customers have been slow to 'reap the benefits of Virtualization' but as to the complexity and cost prohibitive-ness of it as he states, I'm not sure I agree. Given my ROI for a large environment, given the fact that I have been in the data center to desktop business for 15 years, I believe the reason is that it is not a tactical implementation, but a strategic shift that has tactical implications and companies will grapple with this because of the ripple effects between the street and the cabinet of the data center.

The issues are not with the hardware, blades have been around for a while. They are not with the software as this too is a mature industry. I will argue that the issue is getting enough power/circuits to the data center which Microsoft has little impact on unless they have rolled out a facilities software package that includes electricians, distribution of electrons, and other physical things needed to virtualize.

They also tout the cost savings, yet I do not see any calculator or way to figure this out, other than to trust what they say.

Or you can look at some simple math I have provided in an actual ROI exercise I went through with a large customer.

Quote from Bob in the press release:
"Very few customers are able to reap the benefits of virtualization today," said Bob Muglia, senior vice present of the Server and Tools Business at Microsoft. "We estimate that less than 5 percent of companies are utilizing virtualization technology because it is simply too cost-prohibitive and complex. We believe Microsoft's comprehensive approach -- from desktop to datacenter -- is unique to the industry by delivering solutions that address virtualization at the hardware, application and management levels. Our approach is not only one of the most comprehensive in the market today, but we believe it is also one of the most economical. This combination brings a big strategic advantage and cost savings to customers."

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